5 Tips On Choosing The Right Book Printing Services

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Getting any book printed is no easy matter. Whether you are a writer having your first novel printed or you are in charge of your company’s new coffee table book, getting the right book printing services is of utmost importance. It is often the technical aspect of it that you should put much consideration on, but there are also certain factors that you need to determine when getting a printing project like this done properly.

Here are 5 tips that can help you in choosing the best printer for your book.

1. Consider the printing rates.

You should ask for book printing quotes immediately when you contact a printer. This will give you the idea if you have enough budget for their services. But how would you know if the price is right? One thing that you can do is to ask more than one book printer. Chances are they will have different book printing quotes to offer you.

Is the price the determining factor in your selection? That should not be the case. Just because one printer’s price is higher than the other, it does not mean he is providing the better quality printing service. There are many factors in book printing services that help fix the price and you should look deeper into it.

2. Ask to see their printing equipment.

The quality of your book will depend highly on the printing equipment used. It is not that the newer equipment will be better than the older one, but it is the condition of the printer that really matters. If you can see that the printer is not well maintained, then there might be a chance your book printing might get delayed.

Of course, if you are intending to use digital printing technology, the latest models would often be better. It will have a good combination of speed and quality printing.

3. How helpful is the printer with your inquiries?

A good printing company will be able to help you every step of the printing process. A printer can provide you with suggestions on your printing requirements should they find that your preference is not that good. After all they are supposed to be the experts and therefore they will know what are the best materials for your book. You can sense if the printer is just trying to sell you more services or trying to raise the rates or maybe they are really concerned with the quality of your book.

4. How long have they been in the printing business?

Find a printer who has been providing book printing services for many years. The experience is a great factor in determining the quality of the printing service that they can provide you. After all, they will not be in business for so long if they are not consistent with their output.

5. Go with a printer that has good reputation.

In this age of every information can be found online, it is often very easy to check the reputation of any business. There will certainly be reviews published online or in print. Check if the printer of your choice has a great reputation. Although as they say, nobody can be perfect, if there are any bad reviews try to also check if the claims are real.

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Printing Should Be Integral Aspect of Any "Order Fulfillment" Bureau

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Crowdfunder or marketing departments are looking for a fulfillment partner who can understand their marketing needs, help keep their brand, bring creative reward items and most importantly have the experience. Many fulfillment companies are equipped to handle transaction mailing but do not have the print marketing expertise. On the other hand, companies expert in printing t-shirts or giveaways lack a complete fulfillment solution.

A fulfillment organization must have the following expertise if they are looking to fulfill for crowdfunders. Things to look for in an above-average fulfillment house:

  • Dedicated Graphic Design Team: Good design is an essential part of presenting your business and governs your marketing. A fulfillment house that has a dedicated graphic team can provide a constructive eye on your print element and give input on what would print effectively. A good graphic team could make sure whether a particular font or text size will print correctly or catch simple spelling or grammar errors. These simple corrections could save an organization from costly mistakes. A dedicated graphic team can preflight check the artwork and also if the artwork is setup on correct template. Also, proper archival system to ensure that the files are available for future print runs if needed and future re-runs should look same as the first run.
  • Onsite T-shirt Production: Custom printed t-shirts are not only an important giveaways but also used by organizations to raise additional money. A custom printed shirt offered for sale whether to raise money for charity or an artist selling shirts to his/her fan base; these custom printed shirts must be produced cost effectively. Most custom t-shirt print house fulfills custom printed T-shirt on demand which is expensive and does not help organization raise money effectively. A good fulfillment house should have ability to produce custom printed shirts onsite so the shirts can be printed with lower cost and quicker turnaround.
  • Promotional Printing: A good fulfillment must have a good print department. Catalogs, brochures, info and sample packs, branded premiums, and coupons are common examples of printed items used to promote a product or company. A promotional fulfillment program could be a one-time event or an ongoing campaign. Also, promotional fulfillment could be targeted at new prospects and/or existing customers. Other popular items distributed through print fulfillment programs include educational materials, repair and training manuals, sheet music, calendars… basically any printed item that is offered to consumers can be part of a print fulfillment program. A fulfillment department with print capability to help support these marketing initiatives.

Here is huge value in a partner who has made the investments and connections to smoothly handle your future needs. The right fulfillment partner can do more than just pick and ship.

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Tips for Successful Book Printing

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Books are our companion in every stage of life. Some people like books so much that they spend hours and hours reading it. In books, it is not only the content that matters, outer covering and print of the book also play an important role in bringing compliments to it.

To print and give fascinating looks to your raw pages, there are so many companies worldwide that offer world-class service. You can get your book printed by them at affordable prices. But every process needs some precautions to move ahead successfully. Here we are going to give you some very useful tips for book printing.

1. Do an extensive research on internet to find a reliable publication source. This is very important. If you will search, you will find different companies have different rates. Go for the one which fits your budget but never ever compromise with quality.

2. Once you are with your publisher and printer, decide about the size of book first. There are various sizes available like handbooks, manuals, mass markets etc. Choose size which enhances the appeal of the book.

3. Your printer will ask you about the type of printing you want for your pages. He will give you different options like offset, lithography and digital. You can choose one that suits your budget.

4. Check the quality of papers as most of the book printer try to make their money at this point. Ask them to use good quality paper for printing.

5. Formatting is again an important part of printing. It makes books attractive and fascinating. Sometimes some odd spaces, in correct margins, strange fonts can spoil its look. So be careful when you decide the different formatting styles.

6. Now comes the binding part which will give the book its complete form. There can be different type of binding like spiral, pamphlet, saddle stitched, perfect, comb, lay flat binding and many more. Choose according to your preference and budget.

7. Go for print on demand services which mean that printer will print copies only when ordered by the customer. You won’t have to get your books printed in large number unnecessarily. This helps in saving lot of money and time.

8. Even after everything is finalized in front of you, you should ask them for a sample copy first before printing the complete order. This is because sometimes by looking at the sample copy you may click some new ideas to make it better and more attractive.

These tips are keys for successful book printing.

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